Silage shrink affects feed quality and quantity

When silage shrinks, producers end up with less available feed and, often, a lower quality feed. The initial dry matter (DM) losses are often of more valuable nutrients such as sugars, starches and soluble proteins. FULL STORY »

Wheat straw worth more than N, P, and K

Wheat straw value depends upon the current market value of nutrients that would be removed in the straw. FULL STORY »

AFIA applauds FSMA animal food exemption proposal

The American Feed Industry Association submitted comments to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), applauding the agency's proposal to exempt animal food from the Food Safety Modernization Act's (FSMA) intentional adulteration rule. FULL STORY »

Book values don’t cut it when formulating rations

Cows crave consistency in routine and nutrition. The most successful rations are mixed and fed properly and consistent in nutrient value and quality, enhancing feed intake and maximizing cow health and productivity. FULL STORY »

Immune Health Is Key to Dairy Cattle Reproductive Function

A well-functioning immune system has been shown to support multiple aspects of dairy cattle health and productivity. FULL STORY »

Economical corn substitutes for dairy rations identified

Results of a comprehensive analysis identify products that can substitute for corn in dairy cow rations. FULL STORY »

New online hub helps navigate transition cow management

Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition is focused more than ever on helping dairy producers successfully navigate the journey through the transition period, the most critical time in a dairy cow’s life. FULL STORY »

Check feed coming out of storage for mycotoxins

As feeding the 2013 harvest winds down, dairy farmers may soon find their corn silage and total mixed ration (TMR) are not quite up to par due to recent mold and mycotoxin growth during storage. FULL STORY »

Forage evaluation: Wading through a sea of numbers

Forage harvest season is either here or near. Forage analysis reports from a commercial feed testing laboratory often can contain more than 70 potential lab analyses. FULL STORY »

Manage heat stress to protect dairy cattle immune function

With hot summer weather ahead, dairy producers are reminded of the importance of managing dairy cattle to minimize the negative impacts of heat stress. FULL STORY »

Lameness in dairy herds

Typically spring brings an increase in moisture, resulting in muddy lots or simply moister environments due to rain or snow melt. Within the dairy operation this intensifies the need to focus on foot care and lameness. FULL STORY »

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