Making corn silage in drought conditions

The primary goal of making corn silage is to preserve as many nutrients in the corn plant as possible, to produce a feed that is acceptable to cows, and to minimize any risks associated with feeding the silage. FULL STORY »

Corn silage: Is shredding new?

Shredlage™ is a word used to describe a type of corn silage produced when corn is harvested with a modified chopper. But is the process itself new? FULL STORY »

Harvest advice for drought-stressed corn silage

Here is some advice to help you harvest and feed corn silage impacted by the drought. FULL STORY »

Pamper prepartum cows

An increasing amount of data suggest that dry cow management affects the growth of the developing calf, and even its ability to grow and produce later in life. FULL STORY »

Save money by properly sealing your silage

Losses from unsealed or incorrectly sealed corn silage exceed a quarter billion dollars every year. FULL STORY »

Options for drought-damaged corn fields

Farmers with crops need to check out the options before harvesting a drought-damaged corn field for something other than the grain. FULL STORY »

Quick test for nitrates in cornstalks

Green chopping drought-stressed corn? Here is one option for determining whether nitrate toxicity might be a problem. FULL STORY »

How to deal with feed price volatility

Drought conditions, limited stockpiles of commodities and other factors have led to an increase in feed cost. Here are some ways to manage your ration under the circumstances. FULL STORY »

Bullying at the bunk

It doesn't matter if the feed is palatable when there's a bully standing next to you. FULL STORY »

Feeding strategies to improve intake in heat-stressed cows

Body temperature regulation in dairy cows is constantly challenged by a combination of environmental heat and that produced during rumen fermentation and nutrient metabolism. FULL STORY »

Drought-stressed corn resources

Here are some resources to help you manage your drought-stressed corn crop, including an overview of its nutritional value. FULL STORY »

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