Tips for pricing corn silage

A lot more corn may be headed for silage this year than normal. Experts at the University of Nebraska and University of Wisconsin offer advice on how to price it fairly. FULL STORY »

Drought strategies for dairy cattle

Check out this podcast for several strategies that can help you manage dairy cattle through this year's drought. FULL STORY »

Drought damage dangers

Extreme temperatures and the additional stress on plant growth have put this year’s crops at risk for increased nitrate levels, as well as mold and mycotoxin problems. FULL STORY »

Where to test forages for nitrates

With many farms now considering early harvest of drought-stricken corn for silage to salvage some value from the crop, attention must be paid to the potential for high nitrate concentrations in the plants. FULL STORY »

Feed inventory essential to producers facing record feed prices

The extensive drought will challenge the production of high-quality forage and concentrate feeds for dairy cows. Inventory feeds, develop feed procurement and cow-culling strategies to offset these conditions. FULL STORY »

Making corn silage in drought conditions

The primary goal of making corn silage is to preserve as many nutrients in the corn plant as possible, to produce a feed that is acceptable to cows, and to minimize any risks associated with feeding the silage. FULL STORY »

Corn silage: Is shredding new?

Shredlage™ is a word used to describe a type of corn silage produced when corn is harvested with a modified chopper. But is the process itself new? FULL STORY »

Harvest advice for drought-stressed corn silage

Here is some advice to help you harvest and feed corn silage impacted by the drought. FULL STORY »

Pamper prepartum cows

An increasing amount of data suggest that dry cow management affects the growth of the developing calf, and even its ability to grow and produce later in life. FULL STORY »

Save money by properly sealing your silage

Losses from unsealed or incorrectly sealed corn silage exceed a quarter billion dollars every year. FULL STORY »

Options for drought-damaged corn fields

Farmers with crops need to check out the options before harvesting a drought-damaged corn field for something other than the grain. FULL STORY »

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