Dairy Herd Management Articles 

Increase fertility during heat stress 
The use of in vitro produced embryos with sex-sorted semen could be a viable option for producers to adopt to maintain fertility during the summer months.

Dairy management decision-making tools 
Free, easy-to-use, online, decision-making tools developed by University of Wisconsin-Extension specialists are available to help dairy producers improve profitability and sustainability.

Preventive strategies for ketosis
Parturition and the onset of lactation challenges calcium and energy homeostasis in dairy cows predisposing them to periparturient disorders that affect health, production and reproductive performance says Carlos Risco, DVM, Dipl. ACT, University of Florida.

Managing retained placentas
Take into consideration these nutritional factors.

Nutritional conditions that may affect reproductive performance 
The reproductive performance of a dairy herd can be affected by three nutritional issues.

Assessing nutrition's role in reproduction 
Find out what impact nutrition has on reproductive efficiency in dairy cows.

Six tips for summer feeding
In addition to keeping cows cool with water and fans in hot weather, Frank Delfino, of Delfino Nutrition, says you need to adjust your