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Drought-tolerant crops developed through modern breeding are key
Drought-tolerant crops developed through modern breeding are key to sustainably increasing production —
discussion on opportunities and challenges of maize cultivation under dry conditions. 

Corn silage performance results  
In 498 comparisons, Pioneer brand hybrids outyielded competitor hybrids, with 1,261 more pounds of milk potential per acre.

Planting delays or replant situations
Pioneer Account Manager offers advice on corn hybrid maturity in these situations.

Proper corn seed planting depth is critical
Pioneer Account Manager offers information on planting depth for optimal root and plant development.

Leap ahead of leafhoppers
Resistant alfalfa varieties show benefits under potato leafhopper pressure.

Silage quality starts in the field
Many factors during the growing season affect plant attributes. What can you do?

More data to ensure better forage traits 
Pioneer employs mixed-model analysis to improve hybrids.

Dairy Herd Management Articles

Plan for 2011 crop production expenses now 
Experts say the cost of growing crops is expected to rise.

Seed selection decisions critical 
Get the facts when selecting 2011 corn hybrids.

Change farming practices to slow phosphorus runoff 
Iowa State University researchers say increased ground cover and no-till practices significantly reduce runoff.

Plan now for late-summer forage seedings 
Give alfalfa plants plenty of time to become established before a killing frost.

10 practices to increase corn yields 
Use these tips to get the most from your fields this season.

Plan now for a better corn crop
There may not be much you can do to prevent the spread of corn ear molds and mycotoxins if weather conditions are right for development, as was the case in 2009.

Identify the right seed traits for your area 
Seed purchase decisions should be driven by identifying the right traits for your area. Pioneer offers localized research, insights on agronomic and technology traits to aid growers.

Alfalfa advancements  
Pioneer offers new alfalfa varieties for 2010. New alfalfa varieties provide growers high-quality options across many U.S. regions. Pioneer uses elite germplasm to select for high-quality traits and when paired with a strong agronomic package, it makes for sound varieties.

Do you need to replant 
Use this checklist to evaluate whether you should replant your corn crop. 

Maximize planter performance
Use these steps to improve stand uniformity.

Irrigated alfalfa guide available
Irrigated Alfalfa Management is a 24-chapter publication is designed to provide detailed, scientifically-based comprehensive information about the growth, production, management, and utilization of alfalfa grown under irrigation.

Prepare now for better forage quality 
High-quality forages significantly improve dairy farm profitability and cash flow by reducing the amount of grain that must be fed (reduced feed cost) and providing the foundation for higher production (increased revenue), says Brad Hilty, Penn State Dairy Alliance business and information management specialist.