Timing and method is everything for dehorning and castration

When it comes to castration and dehorning procedures practiced by beef and dairy producers, timing is crucial to insure animal welfare and effectivness, says the new Cattle Castration and Dehorning Guidelines published by the American Association of Bovine Practitioners. FULL STORY »

“Good” health records: Working toward quality dairy health data

The health records on many dairies aren’t “good” and I have the references to prove it! They document a lack of accuracy and consistency needed for efficient summary and analysis. FULL STORY »

Hypothermia & newborn calves

Whether you are a dairy producer who calves year round, a beef producer who may calve early, or if you have a calf that is born under less-than-desirable conditions, hypothermia is something that we need to be concerned about, especially this time of year. FULL STORY »

Removing the obstacles: How to make cows happy

What are some common causes of stress we might see on a dairy farm that could make your cows unhappy and poor performers? FULL STORY »

New research changes mastitis treatment decisions

Mastitis is a frustrating disease that has challenged dairy producers for as long as cows have been milked. But now, new research is changing protocols to more effectively manage this longstanding and costly problem. FULL STORY »

Volunteers shine bright at World Dairy Expo dinner

Five individuals were bestowed Friends of Expo honors for their outstanding service supporting World Dairy Expo. FULL STORY »

Calves with Sam: Goals for bacteria in pasteurized milk

Sam Leadley with the Attica (N.Y.) Veterinary Associates answers the question, "what should be our goal for level of bacteria in pasteurized waste milk for preweaned dairy calves?" FULL STORY »

Dairy cattle judges unveiled for World Dairy Expo 2014

The slate of 2014 lead judges was announced at the recent World Dairy Expo Board of Directors meeting Dec. 10. FULL STORY »

How good is your pre-milking teat prep?

Bulk tank milk samples can help you monitor the effectiveness of your pre-milking teat prep. FULL STORY »

Precision dairy technologies galore: What to do?

The growth of automation and precision tools in the dairy industry is amazing. Every day there seems to be a new option in the market or in the works. FULL STORY »

Milk quality study underway in the Southeast

The outcomes of mastitis are affecting the sustainability of the Southeast dairy industry and the Southeast Quality Milk Initiative (SQMI), a USDA-funded project, aims to help dairy farmers throughout the region control mastitis and lower bulk tank SCC through cost-effective control strategies. FULL STORY »

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