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Know the score
For top silage, know the score. Trait scores help forage growers select the appropriate corn silage hybrids.

Inoculant benefits
Growers cite inoculant benefits — advantages of 11CFT inoculant are apparent in their operations. 

Reducing lignin, improving performance
Pioneer is working with three organizations to increase alfalfa cell wall digestibility and improve alfalfa nutrient utilization in cattle.

Management strategies for high moisture corn when molds are present 
Once you have identified and quantified the mold present, contacted your crop insurance agent to discuss potential alternatives for the crop, and the decision has been made that you will proceed to harvest and feed the crop as high moisture corn apply the following strategies.

Corn silage performance results  

Measuring the Effectiveness of NDF and its Application in Dairy Rations

True Purpose of Adding Rumen Buffers to the Ration

New Crop Corn Silage Results in Depressed Milk Production

A trip to the lab

Dairy Herd Management Articles

Estimate the cost of corn silage in your ration 
Use this tool to figure out the financial implications of feeding higher or lower levels of corn silage.

A new way to test alfalfa 
If you’re managing around “chance of showers” weather, you need to take into account these different effects of rainfall on hay.

Make sure rations are balanced
Corn silage is a wonderful feed for dairy cattle, says J.W. Schroeder, North Dakota State University extension dairy specialist.

Manage the mold connection
Although the wet fall in many parts of the country made the issue of dealing with molds a greater concern than usual, moldy feed has been with us at some level almost every year, says Jeffrey Reneau, University of Minnesota extension dairy specialist.

Improve performance with forage quality assessments
Models, such as the Cornell Net Carbohydrate and Protein System, and ration balancing programs are increasingly used by consultants and producers to predict animal performance.

Watch for aflatoxins in feedstuffs  
South Dakota State University Extension Dairy Specialist Alvaro Garcia says aflatoxins are primarily a problem in corn, but they can also occur in other grain crops.

Boost milk production from alfalfa silage   
New research suggests amino acid supplement can increase milk production and increase feed efficiency.

Match your forage to cow needs  
Forage quality must be high for high producing dairy cows.

Proper samples key to accurate test results
Use these tips to improve your alfalfa sampling methods.

A homegrown advantage
Maximize forage quality. It could be your silver lining right now.

Prepare now for better forage quality
High quality forages significantly improve dairy farm profitability and cash flow by reducing the amount of grain that must be fed (reduced feed cost) and providing the foundation for higher production (increased revenue), says Brad Hilty, Penn State Dairy Alliance business and information management specialist.

Forage conference slated for July
A Focusing on Forages conference has been scheduled for July 29-30 (following the International Silage Conference) in Madison, Wis.

Avoid bad decisions
Negative profit margins are predicted for 2008. To respond in the best way possible, Mike Hutjens, extension dairy specialist with the University of Illinois, suggests maintaining high milk production and avoiding economically bad decisions.

Help to manage input price volatility 
Daily volatility of the grain market is one constant dairy producers can depend on. Add to that increasing expenses across the board because of high fuel cost, and it is no surprise that dairy producers face increased challenges to profitability. 

Forage quality is key
Forages occupy the base of the “dairy nutrition pyramid,” says Greg Anderson, dairy nutritionist for Engineered Storage Products Company. Yet, poor forage quality is the root of many problems on dairies.

Get good forage samples
When testing your forages for moisture, sampling technique is more important than your selection of a measurement method, such as drying oven, microwave or electronic meter.

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