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Accelerated Genetics’s dairy mating program, GEMpc (Genetic Evaluation and Mating), is a valuable tool that you can personalize to fit your needs. It is designed to aid the producer in sire selection.

GEMpc —  The Most Flexible Mating Program Available.

  • Immediate On Farm Reports
  • Custom Weighted Selection Indexes
  • Minimum Culling Levels
  • Adjustable Calving Ease Limits (2 ways)
  • Adjustable Inbreeding Levels (2 ways)
  • Recessive Carrier Elimination
  • Adjustable Price Limits on all 3 Choices
  • Usage Limits by Units (3 ways)
  • Usage Limits by % (each choice) (2 ways)
  • Computer Can Select From Over 78,000 Proven Sires or you may Specify List of Bulls
  • Cross Breed, if Desired
  • RHA <100% can be Eliminated
  • Final Adjustments are Easy to Make
  • Use Competitor Bulls, if Desired
  • Allows Mating by Pedigree

A more secure approach to mating, GEMpc considers six generations of pedigree information, completes recessive match checks on each potential mating, does not accept negative scores, and gives a balanced approach to mating — using ALL of the traits. As a producer, you can emphasize specific traits to more effectively meet your herd goals.

Compatibility To Your System

GEMpc results are able to be exported to PC Dart or Dairy Comp and can be saved as an Excel file for use in almost any computer system.

Farmer friendly, GEMpc now has even more report formats. It gives the option of sorting virgin heifers from cows, sorting by breed, or by date. Results can be viewed as two choices or three per page with varying information given in each format.

GEMpc uses a full linear scale to mate 18 different traits and is able to utilize a RAP sheet to calculate inbreeding throughout the herd.

Respected for its flexibility and accuracy, GEMpc is used in several countries around the world — England, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Italy, and Mexico to name a few.

Professional Analysts Serving You

The Accelerated Genetics Herd Analysts are professionally trained full-time employees who will work around your schedule. You can have your cows mated as often as your herd demands. Heifers can be mated manually or by pedigree — the choice is yours. GEMpc results save time. When it is time to breed each cow, it will only take seconds to look at the printed results to make your decision.