Reproductive Management

Take heifer reproduction to the next level

We know a lot about lactating animal reproductive performance, but much less exists when it comes to heifer reproduction benchmarks. FULL STORY »

Mineral mix: An expensive way to cut expenses in dairy cows

During these difficult economic times, the desperate need to cut expenses has led some dairy producers to adjust budgets in areas that have dramatic impact on profits in the long run. FULL STORY »

Budgeting for sexed semen

Sexed semen is relatively a new technology that has proven to produce a higher proportion of female calves than conventional semen. FULL STORY »

Get a leg up on reproduction

How lameness influences reproductive health and performance FULL STORY »

Neospora-infected dairy cattle suffering abortion can recover reproductively

Neospora caninum — a parasite known to cause abortions in cattle populations — was the focus of a study published in the October 2009 issue of Theriogenology. FULL STORY »

Great opportunities, grave consequences: Managing the transition cow

The transition dairy cow continues to be somewhat of an unsolved mystery. FULL STORY »

The value of uterine health: the diseases, the causes and the financial implications

Successfully navigating the transition period can be difficult on many accounts. FULL STORY »

Finding the nutritional balance for a successful reproduction program

Dairy producers many times find themselves in a balancing act when striving to maximize their reproductive and nutrition programs. FULL STORY »

Impact of lowering heat stress during pre-partum period in dairy cows

Heat stress is a major problem for dairy operations around the world, yet several strategies for heat abatement are normally used for lactating cows during warmer seasons of the year. FULL STORY »

Using biological tests to monitor dairy cow fertility, reproductive hormones and other metabolites

Reproductive problems in dairy cows frequently begin prior to calving. FULL STORY »

New promosing pre-synchronization system for lactating cows

A recent research trial done by the University of Wisconsin, at Dr. Milo Wiltbank’s lab, (Souza et al., 2008) has shown promising fertility improvements following the use of the Ovsynch program in lactating dairy cows. FULL STORY »

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