Reproductive Management

Putting a price to reproductive losses

It’s hard to put a price on the losses of an inefficient reproductive program. FULL STORY »

When reproductive programs are done right

Whether it involves management practices, genetics or environmental conditions, getting cows bred can be a challenge. FULL STORY »

Employees make the mark on breeding programs

Today, the success of a dairy’s reproductive program is often left in the hands of trusted employees. Their skills and dedication to the farm’s breeding strategy will ultimately affect the various entities of the dairy’s operation. FULL STORY »

The five things you just can’t cut from your reproductive program

In times when the cost of production is greater than milk income, each input cost is closely inspected for the value it provides to the dairy. FULL STORY »

Dry period length, fresh cow health and postpartum fertility in dairy cows

Skimming computer records in a dairy can give us a rough idea on the reproduction outcome just by looking at some average numbers. FULL STORY »

Using biological tests to monitor dairy cow fertility, reproductive hormones and other metabolites

Reproductive problems in dairy cows frequently begin prior to calving. FULL STORY »

New promosing pre-synchronization system for lactating cows

A recent research trial done by the University of Wisconsin, at Dr. Milo Wiltbank’s lab, (Souza et al., 2008) has shown promising fertility improvements following the use of the Ovsynch program in lactating dairy cows. FULL STORY »

PACE: Progressive Action Through Cooperative Efforts

Through Accelerated’s PACE program you can get the best future genetics, today. FULL STORY »

Pace and Genomics: Q & A

Since the official release of Genomic proofs in January, there have been numerous questions floating around about how Accelerated Genetics will handle the PACE young sire proving program and how genomics really affects the A.I. business. FULL STORY »

First to use DNA research in the industry

Accelerated Genetics’ research and development efforts are essential in providing superior products and service. Genetic Visions, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Accelerated Genetics, was the fi rst A.I. subsidiary to lead the industry into the future with genetic marker research. FULL STORY »

Genetic Evaluation and Mating

Accelerated Genetics’s dairy mating program, GEMpc (Genetic Evaluation and Mating), is a valuable tool that you can personalize to fit your needs. FULL STORY »

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