Reproductive Technologies

Reproduction protocols helpful for breeding heifers

Reproductive management is about both people and protocols. FULL STORY »

Genomic scan identifies QTL influencing female fertility

Danish and Swedish Holstein grandsire data was used to locate quantitative trait loci (QTL) involved with fertility traits. FULL STORY »

Impact on minerals in water in dairy cows

Water is the most essential of all nutrients required by animals. FULL STORY »

From research to reality: Translating science to on-farm technology

Science is the basis by which we make a multitude of decisions on the dairy. Whether it’s feeding calves, harvesting crops, milking cows or improving herd reproduction, dairy producers rely heavily on scientifically backed research to improve and maximize cow performance. FULL STORY »

Target holding pens with cooling strategies

You can increase milk production, cow comfort and reproductive performance if you do. FULL STORY »

Reproduction Resource Center


How to choose a reproductive protocol

Choosing the right protocol can be complicated since the “best” protocol may vary by dairy. FULL STORY »

Resynch tweak

Shift your resynch protocol for more pregnancies. FULL STORY »

Dairy Cattle Reproductive Council formed

Organization to provide latest news and information on dairy herd fertility issues. FULL STORY »

Resynch Your Synch Program

Use this new reproductive protocol to effectively resynchronize cows that don’t become pregnant after their first A.I. service. FULL STORY »

Fat during the dry period improves reproduction

A recent study shows cows fed a supplemental fat for 21 days before calving spent 31 fewer days open and were 1.9 times more likely to become pregnant during the following lactation than unsupplemented cows. FULL STORY »

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