Milk: Wonder beverage for teenage girls

Milk-drinking teenage girls were more likely to have less body fat and a lower Body Mass Index (BMI) than peers who don’t drink milk, according to a study published in the European Journal of Pediatrics. The results weren’t limited to low-fat milk; girls who consumed whole milk showed the same results. FULL STORY »

Celebrating all things dairy for National Dairy Month

During June, we often celebrate many things: National Homeownership Month, the end of the school year and graduations, Father’s Day, and being able to watch our favorite teams duke it on the baseball diamond. But at USDA we have another favorite June celebration – National Dairy Month. FULL STORY »

Butter creams the competition, wins over consumers

Butter is top dog of the so-called oil-and-fats food category thanks to its pure and simple composition, beating out margarine and even olive oil. However, new research is predicting a future drop in retail sales for the category. Will butter remain consumers’ top choice? FULL STORY »

Study reaffirms whey protein’s role in developing lean muscle

Findings shared at American College of Sports Medicine Annual Meeting showcase efficiency of whey protein compared with soy protein. FULL STORY »

A tool you can use!

Answer consumer questions with a new infographic from the Dairy Council of California, a good tool for promoting dairy -- and setting the record straight. FULL STORY »

Sen. Schumer gives support to Greek yogurt

Students may be seeing a new, dairy-rich addition to their lunch trays the next time they visit the school cafeterias if one U.S. Senator gets his way. FULL STORY »

Cows produce milk? 40% of British young adults unaware

A British charity recently surveyed 2,000 participants on their knowledge of food production, and the shocking results shed new light on the growing disconnect between consumers and the food they eat, especially among teens and young adults. FULL STORY »

No free pass for milkshakes in NYC’s beverage ban

Milkshakes may not escape New York City’s latest efforts to trim their residents’ waistlines after all. FULL STORY »

E. coli prompts N.Y. raw milk recall

New York officials have issued a warning for consumers who purchased raw milk from Castle Farms, located in Irving, N.Y., due to possible E. coli 0157:H7 contamination. FULL STORY »

Runners go further with chocolate milk

New research shows that fat-free chocolate milk beats out sports drinks and water for the best refueling drink for runners after an intense workout, and may even given these athletes an edge over their non-chocolate-milk-drinking competitors. FULL STORY »

Whole milk helps keep kids slim

A recent Swedish study found that children who consumed whole milk on a daily basis weighed less and had a lower Body Mass Index (BMI) than peers who didn’t drink milk. FULL STORY »

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