Magic ingredient in milk may explain weight-loss benefits

It's becoming more and more accepted that dairy products have certain weight-loss properties. But scientists haven't been sure about the exact physiological mechanisms. Now, Swiss scientitists may have found the answer. FULL STORY »

Pioneer Woman: Pass the butter

Ree Drummond, better known as the Pioneer Woman to her 2 million fans, loves cooking with butter. Now a new partnership with a dairy giant is giving this Pioneer Woman a chance to share her love of butter. FULL STORY »

Got scholarships? Students win big with milk

The National Milk Mustache “got milk?” Campaign and USA Today have announced the 25 winners of their 2012 Scholar Athlete Milk Mustache of the Year (SAMMY) Awards. Selected by a panel of elite judges, the winning student athletes will be awarded generous scholarships and be featured in an upcoming “got milk?” ad campaign. FULL STORY »

Milkshakes escape Bloomberg's sugary drink crackdown

Soda and sugary drinks have been the target of a proposed ban by the mayor of New York City. While the proposal has raised many eyebrows among soda drinkers, dairy lovers can breathe a sigh of relief -- dairy products, including milkshakes, would not be included in the ban. FULL STORY »

Drink milk for nutrients and disease prevention

Most of us aren’t making enough time for the foods from the dairy group, including milk, cheese and yogurt. Without them, it’s tough to meet calcium needs. FULL STORY »

Milk: Wonder beverage for teenage girls

Milk-drinking teenage girls were more likely to have less body fat and a lower Body Mass Index (BMI) than peers who don’t drink milk, according to a study published in the European Journal of Pediatrics. The results weren’t limited to low-fat milk; girls who consumed whole milk showed the same results. FULL STORY »

Expectant mothers, load up on cheese!

Dental health begins in the womb. Researchers have found that babies born to women who consume cheese and other dairy products during pregnancy are likely to have better dental health than babies born to non-dairy-consumers. FULL STORY »

Consumers win with dairy products

Consumers have reason to celebrate the approach of June, which is Dairy Month, said a University of Illinois professor of animal sciences emeritus. FULL STORY »

Fight pain with Greek yogurt

The next time you find yourself muttering, “Oooh my aching…” take a look in your refrigerator, not your medicine cabinet, for pain relief. FULL STORY »

Milk Mustache campaign in Spanish

Hispanic celebrities are teaming up to lend their milk mustaches and personal stories to a new, online National Hispanic Milk Mustache campaign. FULL STORY »

Yogurt key to sexier, slimmer mice

Scientists researching the role of yogurt’s probiotics in the fight against obesity uncovered an unexpected benefit in their research subjects, and the findings could bring new hope for human fertility, weight control and hair health. FULL STORY »

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