Yogurt key to sexier, slimmer mice

Scientists researching the role of yogurt’s probiotics in the fight against obesity uncovered an unexpected benefit in their research subjects, and the findings could bring new hope for human fertility, weight control and hair health. FULL STORY »

Chobani yogurt founder to receive entrepreneur award

It all started with an advertisement. In 2005, Turkey-native Hamdi Ulukaya jumped at the chance to purchase a former New York Kraft Food plant. Now, seven years later, Ulukaya dominates the Greek yogurt market and has now been named the nation’s top entrepreneur by the U.S. Small Business Administration. FULL STORY »

Milk trumps juice as kid-friendly drink

Sugary fruit drinks may be presented as healthy for kids in advertising campaigns, but according to the spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND), parents should instead turn to milk. FULL STORY »

Dairy lowers stroke risk

Got milk? If you’re interested in preventing a stroke, low-fat dairy products may help. According to a Swedish study, eating low-fat dairy products, including cheeses, yogurts and milk, may be beneficial in lowering the risk of middle-aged and older adults having a stroke. FULL STORY »

Why milk is a late-night wonder

Leave the sheep counting to the shepherd the next time you can’t fall asleep – help may be as close to you as your fridge. FULL STORY »

Food price increases to slow down Play video

Last year grocery prices went up 6.4 percent. The USDA says food prices will continue to go up this year, but not as fast as they did last year. The USDA’s Bob Ellison has more. FULL STORY »

How Americans spend their money

Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows Americans are spending less of their income on food, but more on transportation and housing and medical care than previous generations. FULL STORY »

What would Aunt Bea say?

Chocolate milk may soon be missing from the cafeterias of a North Carolina school district if the superintendent gets his way. In the mythical home of The Andy Griffith Show, it makes you wonder if Aunt Bea would approve. FULL STORY »

Cheese may be key to weight-loss success

Dieters have an ally in their quest to slim down – cheese. While cheese is often avoided by dieters, blogger Liz Vaccariello suggests that cheese can actually be a beneficial weight-loss tool. FULL STORY »

Raw milk-linked outbreak prompts Kansas warning

Kansas officials have issued a warning for raw milk consumers and producers following a Campylobacter outbreak linked to unpasteurized milk from one of the state’s dairies. FULL STORY »

Greek yogurt demand prompts dairy incentive bill

One New York senator is seeing green for the state’s Greek yogurt industry and hopes that proposed federal legislation will help dairy producers cash in on the yogurt’s growing success. FULL STORY »

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