Reminder: Milk is an important cancer-fighter

Colorectal cancer is the second-leading cause of cancer deaths in the United States, but it takes 30 years or longer to develop, as polyps grow on your colon wall and slowly morph into tumors. It's only during the last few years of that period that it's lethal and capable of spreading, reports Yahoo! Health. FULL STORY »

Demand shocks help drive food, commodity prices

A new report from Purdue University researchers and Farm Foundation, NFP shows emerging trends that make this year’s dramatic increase in food and commodity prices different from the increases seen in 2008. But like in 2008, there is no single or simple cause, with numerous domestic and international factors contributing. FULL STORY »

Minnesota Department of Agriculture receives grant to survey consumer trends

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture has received a $60,000 federal grant to explore new marketing opportunities for food and agricultural products. FULL STORY »

Connecting with consumers over breakfast

We started with a premise – that consumers want to trust the sources of their food and will do so if we make it personal. And so we invited them to Breakfast on the Farm at Circle K Farms in West Branch on July 9 and they came; 1,800 of them. By the comments we have received, they developed greater trust in, and appreciation for, the farmers who produce their food. Their trust and their thanks were not just for our hosts, the Kartes family, but for all farmers. FULL STORY »

Domestic milk consumption declining

Kansas State University dairy specialist Mike Brouk provides more insight on the recent decline in domestic milk consumption and the efforts that are being made by producers to implement strategic marketing programs. FULL STORY »

Build a healthy plate with milk: MilkPEP unveils MyPlate ad in USA Today

The U.S. Department of Agriculture recently introduced the new MyPlate icon to remind Americans how to eat a healthy diet. The dairy group is prominently positioned next to the plate as a reminder that low-fat and fat-free dairy products are an important part of a nutritious meal. FULL STORY »

Got PMS? New campaign says milk can help with that

The dairy group that created the "Got Milk?" campaign is back with a new marketing strategy that already is generating plenty of buzz. FULL STORY »

Commentary: People projections

Will the planet be overrun with too many people in the next century? While the lineup of demographers projecting disaster is lengthy, an unlikely source says, ‘Not really.’ FULL STORY »

Commentary: Cloning coming of age?

Going on two decades since cloning technology first became viable, the public’s attitudes have matured, but the moral and ethical concerns still provoke anger, fear and revulsion. FULL STORY »

Evaluating consumer acceptance of food products

Sensory testing is a valuable tool in assessing consumer preferences FULL STORY »

U.S. restaurant business contracts for first time in six months

The U.S. restaurant business contracted in May for the first time in six months, as persistently high unemployment discouraged many people from eating out, according to an industry group survey. FULL STORY »

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