Why men should never skip breakfast

A new study shows that skipping breakfast could have dire consequences, especially for men. FULL STORY »

Whey protein secret weapon in building lean muscle

Whey reigns as the king of protein, according a new study. FULL STORY »

Research helps the dairy industry refuel and flex its muscles

Milk has always been known as a good source of calcium and for helping to strengthen bones. However, recent studies have proven that there are other benefits of drinking milk. FULL STORY »

5 secrets shoppers should know about milk

A new infographic from the Dairy Council of California shares the secrets of milk with consumers. FULL STORY »

Price sways shoppers over nutrition

Food price is mightier than nutrition when it comes to swaying shoppers, according to a new study out of Dartmouth College. FULL STORY »

Can the struggling ice cream industry survive?

Today, Americans consume an average of 11.6 quarts of the frozen dairy treat, down 13 percent since 2002. FULL STORY »

Chobani pushes back against UK Greek yogurt ban

It’s back! Chobani’s Greek yogurt has made a return to the United Kingdom as “strained yogurt.” FULL STORY »

Commentary: On the meaning of ‘natural’

We love the term, especially if it’s plastered on the front of our food packaging. But if we drill down a bit, we discover that the term ‘natural’ has different meanings for different products. FULL STORY »

Nutrition group weighs in on aspartame in milk: It's not needed

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics approaches the debate from a different perspective. FULL STORY »

Another reason for adults to drink milk

Drinking milk helps adults keep their waistlines trim, according to a new study. FULL STORY »

Calcium-rich diet may lower kidney stone risk

While calcium stones are one of the most common types of kidney stones, they aren’t caused by consuming more calcium. Instead, new research shows that a calcium-rich diet could actually prevent kidney stones. FULL STORY »

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