States move to legalize raw milk sales

Raw milk sales may soon be coming to Arkansas and Montana. FULL STORY »

Protein tops list of nutrition trends

Each year, staff members from the Dairy Council of California identify the top 10 health and nutrition trends that may impact the dairy industry throughout the year, either positively or negatively. FULL STORY »

Day camps to teach farm safety to kids

School-aged kids across Ohio will have opportunities this spring and summer to take part in a series of Ohio State University Extension-sponsored day camps focused on farm safety. FULL STORY »

Pizza Hut menu getting cheesier

Pizza Hut’s latest menu addition piles on the cheese for dairy-loving consumers, proving that it’s hard to go wrong with more cheese. FULL STORY »

Bloggers wage war against Kraft Mac & Cheese

Two health food bloggers have rallied thousands of supporters against Kraft's use of artificial dyes in some of their popular Macaroni & Cheese products. FULL STORY »

Study: Eat more protein for breakfast

Up to 60 percent of young adults consistently skip breakfast, and one study points that this habit may lead to more late-night snacking and weight gain. FULL STORY »

High-fat milk better for toddlers? Study says 'yes'

Toddlers given low- or no-fat milk are more likely to be overweight than those who drink higher-fat milk, according to a new study. FULL STORY »

Protein-packed dairy keeps bodies healthy

Hungry? Don’t grab a candy bar. Grab a protein-packed dairy treat instead. New research has shown that protein, including milk protein, helps build muscle, improve muscle function and prevent some chronic diseases. FULL STORY »

College kids who don’t drink milk could face serious consequences

College-age kids who don’t consume at least three servings of dairy daily are three times more likely to develop metabolic syndrome than those who do, said a new University of Illinois study. FULL STORY »

America’s favorite drink: Water

America’s love affair with soda pop is quickly coming to an end. The new preferred drink for thirsty consumers is now water. FULL STORY »

Dairy farmer: Montana raw milk bill would 'undermine' industry

A push to legalize raw milk sales in Montana is leaving a sour taste with many of the state’s dairy farmers. FULL STORY »

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