Dairy-based shakes transforming breakfast time

In today’s on-the-go world, cereal companies are working to transform breakfast from sit-down to drinkable. FULL STORY »

Podcast examines ice cream purchasing behavior

Consumers are putting more emphasis on the practices involved in producing their food, and it's reflected in what they are willing to pay for ice cream. FULL STORY »

Share some food love

Michele Payn-Knoper, a leading U.S. farm and food advocate, is passionate about social media and helping farmers learn how to use it to connect with consumers. Now, she’s written a book, called “No More Food Fights!” FULL STORY »

Another reason to get calcium from food rather than supplements

Not all calcium sources are the same, and a new study has found that calcium supplements, in particular, may put men at an increased risk of dying from cardiovascular disease. FULL STORY »

Scientists studying microbes in manure

Agricultural Research Service scientists are investigating the microbes that dwell in cattle manure—what they are, where they thrive, where they struggle, and where they may end up. FULL STORY »

‘Real food’ trumps protein bars

Though high-protein bars and shakes may seem like a quick fix to meet protein needs, experts warn that consumers may instead want to search for yogurt or other natural protein-packed food. FULL STORY »

Dairy keeps garlic breath at bay

Garlic breath may be an issue after a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner, and a glass of milk may offer a tasty way to quash the problem. FULL STORY »

Study: Milk, yogurt helps keep bones healthy

It turns out that dairy – not just milk – really does do a body good. But, as a new study found, not all dairy is created equal in the fight against osteoporosis. FULL STORY »

TruMoo now with less sugar

Dean Foods has reformulated its TruMoo chocolate milk, reducing its sugar content and making it a more attractive option for concerned parents. FULL STORY »

Mo. dairy’s innovative milk flavors become regional hit

From chocolate to cotton candy and everything in between, one Missouri dairy continues to stretch the limit of flavored milk. FULL STORY »

Study: 1 in 3 eat yogurt

Yogurt has been winning over children and adults alike for much of the last decade, and new research shows that product innovation and consumer behavior continues to drive its success. FULL STORY »

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