DeLaval continues to build on its holistic approach to dairy farming by expanding itsproduct range dedicated to calf rearing. In addition through the publication of its calf care booklet, DeLaval continues to work on promoting cow longevity by sharing its knowledge and expertise in this area.

“Dairy farmers are already aware of how important calf care is and we want to highlight just how significant first rate calf management can be for farms. “says Dairy Development Director at DeLaval and co-author of the DeLaval calf care booklet, Charlotte Hallén Sandgren. “A well developed and healthy heifer will generally calve earlier and produce more milk over the course of its life”.

There is a strong correlation between the first few months of a calf’s life and its future as a dairy cow and a comprehensive calf management program can lead to significant gains for farmers. A 7 percent increase in milk yield can be achieved through genetic selection however by maintaining a positive growth rate in a calf, a 22 percent increase in milk yield is obtainable once she reaches reproductive age.

Through generous provision of liquid feeding, monitoring of weight gain, by providing good quality colostrums and as well as early detection and isolation of infected animals; are all measures that can go a long way towards keep mortality rates low and quality of calves high. Approximately 20 percent of a farm’s heifers are lost but by being proactive, a dairy farmer has every chance of reversing this trend.

The updated DeLaval calf catalogue, details the list of solutions available to promote optimum calf care.

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DeLaval will be showcasing its products devoted to cow longevity at EuroTier, Hall 27, stand H39. In addition, to its extended product range dedicated to calf rearing; DeLaval has published a calf care booklet outlining best practices with regard to calf rearing.