$1 to watch a video of farm animal abuse

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Animal-rights activists are taking a new tack in their effort to turn people into vegetarians.

Judging from their efforts in Sacramento, Calif., on Saturday, they may have succeeded ― at least with some people.

“It makes me want to become a vegetarian,” said one young woman, who had just seen a video that showed chickens, pigs and cows being abused at farming operations and slaughter houses. She told KCRA-TV that the video was “sickening” and it made her want to throw up or vomit.

The woman was among the 220 or so people who watched the video provided by the animal-rights group Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM). The group parked a bus equipped with video screens to reach people attending the Second Saturday art walk in downtown Sacramento.

FARM offered people $1 to watch the four-minute video, a compilation of undercover footage. One of the FARM coordinators told the Sacramento Bee that it was “a great incentive to get (people) to see this.” Read more.

FARM reportedly plans to take its road show to college campuses, fairs, and other events across the country this summer. They are headed to Santa Barbara, Calif., next.   

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English Major    
USA  |  May, 14, 2012 at 08:46 AM

The proper phrase is "taking a new TACK." It is a sailing metaphor; it refers to changing direction. The Sacramento Bee article possibly did a word play, substituting "track" for "tack", since the article involves animals, which leave tracks. Or, the Bee may have simply been using the definition of "track" as a "path". "Taking a new tract" would involve dispossessing people of their land, I believe. Or perhaps their books. Or their digestive systems.

kansas  |  May, 15, 2012 at 09:24 AM

Interesting take from English Major on how the tiresomely radical chic leaning and sympathetic press might be again slanting their "reporting" in support. (I have an English degree too) More importantly, this news shows us the eliminationist radicals in the anti-ag movement have no qualms about "buying votes" in their propaganda campaign - or shortage of funds to do so. The fact that they are taking their "road show" of indoctrination tactics to locations filled with people who are almost completely ignorant and cut-off from any fact-based agriculture information (Santa Barbara and Non-Ag college campuses) proves the insidious and deceitful nature of their cause. Typical of all totalitarian movements, they first target the naive, innocent and uninformed children of privilege for conversion; counting on high-profile elites' passions trickling down to the great unwashed masses. Very French of them.

Wisconsin  |  May, 18, 2012 at 10:18 AM

Useful idiots must be properly "educated" in order to produce the "useful ends justified by any means necessary"....following one of the precious Rules for Radicals.

Animal Rights Activist    
Georgia  |  May, 21, 2012 at 11:52 AM

I would like to challenge you to watch the movie "Earthlings." Then get back to me.

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