300 farmers, conservatives lead immigration charge

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Three-hundred conservatives, ranging from pastors to farmers, will descend on Capitol Hill later this month to press Congress for an immigration overhaul.

USA Today reports that the 300 conservatives are staging a “fly-in” as they make their way from across the nation to converge in Washington on Oct. 28. The group plans to meet with Republican lawmakers and make a pitch for a new immigration law.

One of the farmers ready to head to Washington is 70-year-old rancher Terry Jones, who will make the trip from Emmett, Idaho. Jones said that the nation’s immigration system made it impossible for him to find enough legal workers to staff his Rim Fire Ranch.

He sold his 700-head dairy herd after getting tired of looking for legal workers.

"I was getting too old to fuss with finding the labor," Jones said. "We're not here wanting to break the laws. Heavens to Betsy, we've got stewardship of the land and our animals, employees we want to treat right and pay a fair wage to. But the government is just interested in ... who's going to get the credit, who's going to get the votes."

The “fly-in” won’t be your typical rally, such as one seen last week that resulted in 200 arrests, including several lawmakers. Instead, people like Lanae Erickson Hatalsky of the Third Way, a think-tank that supports an immigration overhaul that includes citizenship for undocumented immigrants, believe that it may be more productive in getting their message across.

"The kinds of rallies that get the progressive community together are really aimed at just keeping this conversation in the limelight and giving people something to do," Hatalsky said. "Those more conservative people and their unusual suspects are aimed at a different goal — actually persuading conservative members of Congress that this is something they need to do and providing them the political cover they need."

Among the lawmakers the groups will meet is Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah.  

"Having more pastors, more business people, more farmers come and talk about their problems — I'm going to applaud that," Chaffetz said.

He has embraced many aspects of immigration overhaul and sponsored a bill, passed by the House in 2011, that expanded visas for high-tech workers. More recently, Chaffetz expressed his support for a pathway to citizenship for the country’s undocument immigrants.

Read, “Conservative 'fly-in' aims to sell House GOP on immigration.”

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Dave Francis    
Indianapolis, IN  |  October, 16, 2013 at 08:21 PM

Obamacare is yet another way for President Obama and the liberals to ensure Americans become addicted to the drug of dependency which is...more government handouts. Stop this train wreck now. Support conservatives in Washington who are fighting with every ounce of firepower they have to de-fund this atrocity. Every move, mandate and Executive Order has defied America's laws and Constitution—from granting defacto amnesty to criminal illegal’s and handing guns to dangerous drug cartels to funding terrorist activity and passing unconstitutional health care legislation. How much more can we take? If not for these red-blooded patriots we would be a nation under the complete rule of a dictator, without liberties and freedoms, crushed under the weight of a government that only knows how to spend and oppress and open the floodgates to illegal aliens. All these politicians worrying about the elections in the future just are aware that non-citizens have been voting in our elections. With no restrictions as possessing an ID card to vote in most States, non-citizens have “Carte Blanche” to just either use the absentee ballot or just commit outright perjury. The only answer is a biometric Social Security card to thwart illegal job seekers, fraudulent voting and credit theft. Most Americans attitudes must have turned to anger, when told that Veterans had been turned away from the gated World II memorials on different federal locations. However illegal aliens and their radical advocates were allowed on the National Mall. While other places of reverence were banned to Vets, to pray for their comrades who died in the Normandy Landings of France, European battles and the Islands of the Pacific gave their lives.

Dave Francis    
Indianapolis, IN  |  October, 16, 2013 at 08:22 PM

THE TEA PARTY IS NOT THE GOP ELITES? Another absolutely sick issue that seems to have slipped the mind of the Democrats is the $4.2 billion dollars in fraudulent child tax credits for the children of illegal aliens. Billions—the IRS has just carried on as usual, and allowed this momentous amount to be spirited away. Using ITIN numbers this amount of money is beyond imagining, yet the IRS seems incapable of doing anything about it. Yet the Democrats run to ground hundreds of non-profit Tea Party organizations and Conservatives. First published in the Washington Times (October 14, 2013) and now been currently resurrected by the TEA PARTY.ORG. THE TEA PARTY IS NOT THE ELITES IN THE GOP; THEY ARE THE MULTITUDES OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. WE CAN ALL ACKNOWLEDGE THAT THE MAIN STREET MEDIA, IS FULL OF LIBERAL AGENDA’S FROM THE LEFT AISLES OF CONGRESS. Read about it. Remember this is not IRS money, but hard working Americans. As it’s not their dollars, they seem completely nonchalant about doing anything about it. Illegal aliens are already stealing Social Security numbers and loading up this sovereign nation with their children (foothold babies) to collect benefits to supplement the parent’s income. Every new violation of law is attracting thousands of new Tea Party members daily; the Benghazi, Libya, Gun running into Mexico (Fast and Furious) Intimidation of the Conservative and Tea Party. Probing the personal phone numbers of Journalists and issues that appear daily such as the rising federal deficit. It’s not just Conservatives moving into the ranks of the Tea Party, but Democrats, liberals and independents and even people who normally want nothing to do with the political wars.

Johnny Stansell    
Abilene, Tx  |  October, 18, 2013 at 04:40 PM

I'm very OK with reform of guest workers, we need them, and a lot of them at that. I am NOT for amnesty and a path for ILLEGALS to citizenship. We NEVER enforced the laws of 1986 and we are now right back to an impasse. Congress will pass anything, by any means with zero intention of upholding the laws they pass.

roaringspring PA  |  October, 19, 2013 at 07:08 PM

So a farmer with 700 cows had to sell them for lack of workers, sounds like bs to me. Try offering a worker a decent wage, they'll go to work every time. I wonder how much these people complaining they can't find workers are paying people to dairy farm? We need no more immigrants to do any farm work. The large farms have gotten far to big for there britches, they drive the cost of milk down horrifically, then they pay slave wages to immigrants who are the only ones willing to work for it. Is anyone else tired of hearing the lie that we need more immigrants when we can't even pay what milk is worth?

NW Indiana  |  December, 07, 2013 at 07:28 AM

The arguement for immigration is a total a pack of lies by the (White) race traitors among us. The quickest way to become a third world country is to import the third world in. You say no? Ok, go to the the quarter where the dark orcs have taken residence and have a look around. If you need more convincing, take a walk-thru in the late evening. Can you hear me congressman and traitor Joe Donnelly? Or, you can do this without looking or traveling. We all know a family that has taken the third world in for breeding purposes. I suggest a candid interview with a family elder who has seen the resulting children grow to juvenile age or more. Third world migration is a genetic assault on White Man.


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