Tom Quaife

Dairy fat emerges from the 'perfect storm'

For nearly 60 years, suspicion has been cast on dairy products because they contain saturated fat. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Government dysfunction displayed over farm bill

Congress and the White House averted the fiscal cliff and the dairy cliff at the last possible moment, but left dairy reforms in limbo. FULL STORY »

Much uncertainty as “dairy cliff” nears

There is a media feeding frenzy over the possibility of higher milk prices in the grocery store. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Will we go over the dairy cliff?

Every day, there are dire warnings of milk prices in the grocery store going to $6 per gallon because of the “dairy cliff.” FULL STORY »

Will 2013’s weather be a repeat of 2012’s?

The possibility of La Niña is something to keep an eye on, since it’s usually associated with warm weather and drier-than normal in the South. FULL STORY »

2013 could be a challenging year for dairy exports

Expectations are for tighter dairy supplies on the world market, which will drive up prices and possibly dampen demand.. FULL STORY »

Was 2012 worse than 2009?

They were both terrible years — 2009 and 2012. Is there any way to say one was worse than the other? FULL STORY »

Profitability ratio continues to rebound from a deep hole

On Friday, the U.S. Department of Agriculture reported the preliminary ratio for November stood at 1.79. FULL STORY »

Cost of production hits dubious milestone

On Monday, a dubious milestone was set when the U.S. Department of Agriculture pegged the cost of milk produced in October at $20.56 per hundredweight, breaching $20 for the first time ever. FULL STORY »

October milk production down a tad

Could the much-expected decline in milk production be a one-month wonder? In August and now October, milk production held steady on a year-over-year basis. September was the only month to show a significant decline ― 0.6 percent across all 50 states. FULL STORY »

‘If they are going to dillydally… I am ready for $38 milk’

The lame duck session of Congress has officially begun, and the ranking member of the House Agriculture Committee is still waiting to hear what’s next with the Farm Bill. FULL STORY »

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