Tom Quaife

Meet one of the dairy industry’s best friends Play video

What started as an attempt to sell more cheese on pizzas has taken on bold new dimensions. FULL STORY »

‘We’re first and goal’ with the Farm Bill, says NMPF

Farm Bill Now! That was the message the National Milk Producers Federation encouraged delegates literally to chant at Tuesday’s annual meeting in Orlando, Fla. FULL STORY »

Milk a top item for people preparing for Hurricane Sandy

As people on the East Coast prepare for Hurricane Sandy, they are likely to do what hurricane-preparers have done for years ― stock up on milk, bread and other staples. FULL STORY »

9.4% more cows slaughtered in May-September

When the drought became apparent in May, more dairy cows began going to slaughter as farmers trimmed their herds in the face of rising feed cost. The trend continues. FULL STORY »

Dairy fat emerges from the 'perfect storm'

For nearly 60 years, suspicion has been cast on dairy products because they contain saturated fat. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Got dysrhythmia?

I already knew that people or groups could be dysfunctional. So, it only makes sense that price cycles can be “dysrhymic.” FULL STORY »

Small consolation, but today's report on prices has some optimism

The projected increase in milk prices ― 60 to 70 cents per hundredweight for the yearly average ― might even bring about a sense of optimism, although a much bigger increase is needed to erase some of the losses experienced this year due to high feed costs. FULL STORY »

Instability in dairy industry fuels Vilsack's call for reform Play video

Speaking to a World Dairy Expo gathering on Tuesday, Vilsack acknowledged there have been “significant price spikes and very deep depressed prices” in recent years.” And the time interval between those spikes is shortening so that producers don’t have the time to rebound from difficult years, he added. FULL STORY »

Despite high feed costs, milk-feed ratio shows improvement

On Thursday, the U.S. Department of Agriculture pegged the preliminary ratio for September at 1.46 ― up from 1.34 in July and 1.36 in August. FULL STORY »

No Farm Bill could mean $38 milk after Jan. 1 Play video

If a new Farm Bill isn’t passed by Jan. 1, permanent law dating back to the 1930s and 1940s takes effect. That, in turn, would deliver parity and raise dairy price supports to $38 per hundredweight or more. FULL STORY »

Milk production down for first time in 31 months

In August, milk production in the United States dropped 0.3 percent compared to the same month a year earlier, the U.S. Department of Agriculture reported Wednesday afternoon. FULL STORY »

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