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California TV station investigates 'What’s in your milk'

CBS13 in Sacramento, Calif., aired a piece Monday questioning whether some antibiotics are showing up in milk despite testing efforts. FULL STORY »

Death of 3-year-old serves as reminder for better farm safety

A tragic farm accident in central Wisconsin has claimed the life of a three-year-old boy. The boy was killed when he fell from a bucket on a skid-steer driven by his seven-year-old brother and was run over. FULL STORY »

$1 to watch a video of farm animal abuse

Animal-rights activists are taking a new tack in their effort to turn people into vegetarians.Judging from their efforts in Sacramento, Calif., on Saturday, they may have succeeded, at least with some people. FULL STORY »

Another downward revision in milk prices

This morning, the U.S. Department of Agriculture issued another downward revision of its estimated average milk prices for 2012. The agency now predicts that the all-milk price will average $16.90 to $17.40 per hundredweight this year, compared to last month’s forecast of $17.25 to $17.75. FULL STORY »

New study blames dairy farms for much of LA’s smog

Dairy cows may be a bigger contributor to smog in the Los Angeles area than many people thought, according to a new study. Yet, some things about the study seem askew, say scientists who are familiar with the ammonia emissions put out by dairy cows. FULL STORY »

Why BSE went so much better than pink slime

When a new case of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) was reported by the media last week, the headlines weren’t too bad. “They may even be accused of being fair and accurate,” quipped Janie Gabbett, executive editor of Meatingplace, who addressed the Animal Agriculture Alliance Stakeholders Summit on Wednesday. FULL STORY »

April’s milk-feed ratio matches the worst of 2009

The preliminary milk-feed ratio of 1.45, announced by USDA on Monday, ties the ratio set in June 2009, which was the lowest point in a bad year. The milk-feed ratio is a rough approximation of dairy profitability using current feed costs and milk prices. FULL STORY »

Abused lawyers in parody of HSUS ad Play video

The various referendums and legislative initiatives taken by the Humane Society of the United States against animal agriculture require lawyers. So, Humane Watch has put together a video of abused lawyers in a parody of HSUS fund-raising techniques. FULL STORY »

Another plug for dairy products on the Today Show

It was stated as fact that dairy foods can promote weight loss. However, pointed out Madelyn Fernstrom, diet and nutrition editor for the Today Show, there is a big “if” attached to that. FULL STORY »

March milk production up 4.2 percent

Milk production has definitely kicked into a higher gear. On Thursday, the USDA reported that milk production in 23 leading dairy states was up 4.3 percent in March compared to the same month a year earlier. Across all 50 states, production was up 4.2 percent. It follows February’s hefty increase of 4.3 percent (across all 50 states). FULL STORY »

Australian dairy industry 'slimed'

"We know there was a lot of noise on Twitter, a lot of noise online... A lot of people called in concerned about what’s in their milk," Dairy Australia dietitian Glenys Zucco told Dairy Herd Management in a telephone interview. FULL STORY »

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