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As the world’s population grows, land and resources for producing food for that population become more limited. In order to meet the growing need for nutritious, plentiful food, we must focus on sound research and innovation for improving dairy production. Elanco Dairy Business strives to do just that, working alongside our customers to bring value to the dairy industry with affordable, safe, and healthy milk and milk products to the world.

Learn more about Elanco's portfolio of products including Posilac®, Rumensin®, Keto-Test®, and our options in pest control (parasiticides). Visit our Meet Elanco Dairy page to learn more about our commitment to the entire food chain — from the consumer all the way to our customer, the dairyman.

If you want to know how Elanco Dairy’s innovative production methods can benefit your business, use the Rep Locator to find your local Elanco representative.