Managing manure is a headache. It can pose herd health, community relations and environmental challenges with ammonia emissions alone. The list continues with uneven nutrient distribution and nutrient losses during storage, diminishing the overall fertilizer value of the manure. Plus, crusting and solids issues in lagoons and pits add time and costs to agitation and pumping.

More Than Manure® (MTM®) Nutrient Manager can reduce ammonia levels in and around livestock confinement areas and in fields where MTM-treated manure is applied. MTM also helps break up crusts and solids when added to lagoons or pits, improving manure consistency and making it easier to pump. Furthermore, MTM maximizes the fertility value of manure by protecting phosphorus from lock-up and nitrogen from leaching, volatilization and denitrification.

Discover how MTM technology can give a fresh look at manure management:

  • Improve dairy air by reducing ammonia loss
  • Enhance manure handling and pumping by breaking up crusts and solids in lagoons and pits
  • Increase manure fertilizer value by protecting phosphorus and nitrogen from loss

 Effectively managing manure can have a positive impact on the livelihood of dairy producers and the environment. It can also cut down on headaches.