Dr. Goeser will review forage quality trends throughout various US dairy regions for 2011 to 2013 crops. In 2013, forage quality turned for the worse relative to 2012 and 2011. He will discuss why energy levels decreased for both hay and haylage crops and corn silages, and opportunities to enhance animal performance. Beyond the harvest, Dr. Goeser will review what happens during the onset of fermentation and management steps to consider to preserve every ton of silage possible. Moreover, even the best kept silos can expect 5 to 8% fermentation losses; Goeser will discuss options to keep losses to a minimum.

Dr. Bryan will review various aspects of specialized new inoculant technologies, along with critical relationships focused on haylage and silage density.  He will share data collected as part of Chr Hansen’s Nutrient Scorecard™ and ongoing emphasis on improving nutrient retention and utilization at CCP with science-based microbial technologies.