AfiFarm Net


AfiFarm Net simultaneously monitors and compares figures from several dairy farms to provide an extensive multi-farm overview. Data, provided by AfiFarm, is presented in an advanced graphic interface that ensures clarity and simplicity for managers and consultants.
As an analytical tool, this information can be provided for certain defined periods, and reflects such vital aspects of dairy farming as herd structure, fertility, health and milk production.

AfiFarm Net is an innovative, simple-to-use tool for complicated multi-farm situations.
Monitoring, analyzing and reporting on all aspects of the dairy farm, the system provides detailed information, pointing out crucial exceptions and achievements. For operating several farms, a veterinary service, feed center, insemination company or government agricultural body, the system is indispensable for successful multi-dairy management. Easily installed and user-friendly, AfiFarm Net promises greater efficiency and improved profitability for all multiple farm operations.

Data Categories:
• Daily Farm Status
• Milk Production
• Fertility
• Health
• Herd Composition
• Health overview

Key Features:
• Remote Access – Accessible from anywhere over the web, shares information with and from any desired location
• Decision-making aid – Delivers information in real-time or within a short period enabling decisive management
• Data Analysis – Provides data viewer and analysis tools; Ensures reliable data and performance
• Herd management – Gives a general picture of each dairy and its status, helps determine targets, checks achievements
• Flexibility – Allows users to work with existing reports or design their own



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