Apollo MilkSystem


Consistently applying a quality post dip product to the teat at the end of milking will significantly reduce the incidence of mastitis. The GEA Farm Technologies Apollo™MilkSystem is a revolutionary milking unit that automatically applies post dip to the teat through the liner and then sanitizes the cluster before it is attached to another cow.

A precise dose of post dip is applied into the liner dome, right at the end of milking, covering the entire teat. The patented FDA accepted safety valve provides effective separation between the dip and the milk supply, ensuring milk quality. Applying post dip through the liner is superior to hand dipping or spraying because at the end of milking the teat is under vacuum, stretched out and flaccid. The teat dip released into the liner can deeply penetrate all the folds and cracks of the teat surface. Once the cow is dipped, the unit is automatically removed from the cow and the cluster is rinsed and sanitized in preparation for the next cow. This backflushing effectively kills contagious mastitis organisms that could be inadvertently transferred to the next cow.

In addition to providing a better and more consistent application of the teat dip, automatic application of the post dip by Apollo eliminates a mundane and repetitive task. Labor is reduced allowing the milking operator to focus more time on critical herd health routines like teat and udder prep. Higher attention to milking procedures can lead to improved udder health and can improve parlor throughput.



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