Breeding to Feeding


With new genetic technologies readily available to dairies and feedlots searching for uniform, high-quality feeder cattle, the timing seemed perfect for Genex Cooperative and Wulf Cattle to partner in Breeding to Feeding. This program creates quality, efficient feeder calves from dairy cows and assures dairies will receive a premium for these calves. Genex collects and distributes semen from Wulf Cattle bulls and promotes the program to dairies. The semen product is best used depending on the dairy breed in the terminal cross. Limousin sires (LM) are best crossed with Jerseys, and Lim-Flex sires (LM x AN) are bred especially to be used on Holsteins to create high-quality beef carcasses in uniform groups. This ties the product into a conception to consumption strategy and creates additional revenues for the dairy. Genex representatives work with dairies to provide long term genetic consulting and develop a customized breeding strategy. After ranking their females, dairies can create more profitable future replacements from top-end females while adding feedlot value to calves from lower-end cows. As the Holstein x Lim-Flex and Jersey x Limousin crossbred calves are born, contracted dairies send calves to Wulf Cattle approved calf ranches at a guaranteed premium purchase price. Wulf Cattle has decades of experience raising cattle purchased from their genetic customers, and feeds those cattle in their four feedlots.



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