Biovet BVDV Antigen Test kit is EASY, FAST and INEXPENSIVE compared to other available techniques (virus isolation, PCR, IHC).
Major advantages are:
- Excellent sensitivity and specificity: detects both type 1 and 2 BVDV strains);
- Convenient: breakable test plates, most reagents ready to use, all incubations at room temperature test on ear notches, whole blood, serum, plasma or leucocyte extracts depending on the age of the animals
- High throughput: up to 92 samples/plate, results in less than 3.5 hours.
We have recently improved of our BVDV Antigen Test Kit, ELISA to detect BVDV antigens in ear notch samples. More especially we have improved the sensitivity of the test for these specific samples. Testing about 273 ear notch samples revealed 98.17% agreement between our BVDV Antigen Test Kit, ELISA and another popular ACE commercial kit.
The Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus (BVDV) is responsible for a variety of costly disorders in cattle. Foetal infections with BVDV sometimes result in the birth of persistently infected (PI) calves. PI animals are mainly responsible for maintenance of the virus in cattle populations. Their rapid identification and removal is the corner stone of efficient BVD control programs. PI animals may be identified by a variety of techniques (VI, PCR, ICH, ELISA) and samples (serum, leucocytes, ear notches). Antigen capture ELISA (ACE) is a popular technique as it is inexpensive and easy to automate. On the other hand ear notch samples are especially valuable in young calves as they are easy to collect and are less exposed to interference by maternally-derived antibodies.



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