DeLaval Clover liner


DeLaval Clover is a new kind of liner that is gentle on cows’ teats without compromising milking performance. Its thin, concave side walls and smooth, rounded corners deliver a firm, yet gentle grip of the teat throughout the milking cycle – the DeLaval Clover is designed to literally hug the teat! This design ensures the liner stays in the proper milking position and provides excellent massage, assuring the cows have maximum comfort while being milked. The liner’s unique clover-shape massage allows the teat to completely fill the angles of the liner virtually eliminating the opportunity for excessive vacuum to travel to the mouth piece (top portion of the liner), which can increase the risk of disturbances in the milking process. Other liners on the market achieve low mouth piece vacuum with the aid of a mouth piece vent. However, vents are prone to being plugged with manure and other debris. With the DeLaval Clover liner, producers no longer have to use a vented mouth piece liner to get the benefits of a gentle, top performing milking liner.



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