DeLaval LactiFence


DeLaval LactiFence is a long-lasting, barrier teat dip featuring brand new udder health technology. This high viscosity dip forms a thick, green film on the teat giving cows physical and visible protection against mastitis. LactiFence’s unique Barrier technology from DeLaval R&D lasts up to six hours – six times longer than competitive barrier teat dips (reference “DeLaval Trial 2011-021 – Final Report”). LactiFence provides a high speed of kill thanks to its LactiSyn technology, also from DeLaval R&D, which breaks down the walls of bacteria cells inactivating mastitis causing pathogens (reference “Field efficacy of LactiFence). This all-natural, lactic acid-based teat dip contains sorbitol to aid skin conditioning and allantoin to help heal wounds. Producers won’t have to worry about unwarranted residue in the milk tank since lactic acid is naturally found in milk. LactiFence – together with solid management routines – is a producer’s ally when it comes to premium milk production.



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