DeLaval Multi Dose MD


DeLaval Multi Dose MD is a new, versatile iodine teat dip concentrate. This one product can be formulated on-farm into four different pre and/or post dip formulas. Multi Dose MD is ideal for year-round use as producers have the flexibility to change the formulation based on weather or barn conditions. Using concentrates also means less storage space at the dairy is required, minimal water being shipped by fewer delivery trucks, and less waste – all contributing positively towards the environment. Multi Dose MD contains a blend of iodine – highly effective at killing 99.999% of most common mastitis-causing organisms – and emollients to help condition teat ends. Each formulation can be easily and accurately dispensed from a DeLaval Teat Dip Dispensing System. Just change the system’s metering tip to dispense a new formulation. Multi Dose MD can be used as a spray or dip.



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