Heatime HR-LD


The SCR Heatime® HR-LD System is the market leading comprehensive real-time cow status monitoring system available.
The unique combination of actionable, real time activity and rumination monitoring reports revolutionizes farm managers’ decision-making capabilities.
It continuously tracks and records, in real time, the reproductive, health, nutrition and wellbeing status of each and every collared cow eliminating guesswork and inconsistencies, allowing early and proactive action to alleviate the full effect of incidents that prevent each cow from achieving its genetic yield potential and optimal breeding times.
The Heatime HR-LD System can be set to send text and email alerts of each cow’s health and heat status, at specific time intervals or as statuses change. This allows farmers to manage critical reproduction and health events from anywhere, at any time, via their mobile phone.
In addition, the sensor-based hard data provided by the Heatime HR-LD System reduces reliance on experienced labor and promotes accountability among farm workers.



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