Heavy Duty Fence


The new Calf-Tel Heavy Duty Fence System includes a multitude of features and benefits not available on the standard panel fence systems, making it the premium fence model available. These new features are designed to provide an extremely efficient fence system that will significantly decrease labor and increase the opportunity for improved calf care.

Front Door
The Heavy Duty Fence comes equipped with a fully functional door that opens inward and outward providing maximum flexibility for the manager. No more climbing over the fence or squeezing between the hutch and fence, to put calves in, take them out, or to enter the pen area. The door comes equipped with a dual locking system, which keeps the calf safely in the pen.

Fold in / Fold Over
The Fold In / Fold Over feature allow managers to easily clean the hutch and pen areas. To clean out the hutch bedding, fold the hutch into the fence and to clean the pen area, fold the fence over the hutch.

Equipped with two rugged wheels for maximum mobility and flexibility, the wheel system enables managers to simply move the hutch for cleaning or relocating the hutch. This feature simplifies the cleaning process by allowing for the ability to move both the hutch and fence with minimal effort.

Freeze free feet
The Heavy Duty Fence has feet that keep the bottom horizontal surface off the ground. The rugged steel provides ample strength with only minimal surface contact that nearly prevents the unit from freezing to the ground.



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