Lely Vector automatic feeding system

Lely Vector automatic feeding system
Lely Vector automatic feeding system

The Lely Vector ensures correct rations are fed to cows consistently and on time, allowing farmers to achieve efficient and high-grade milk production.

The Vector ensures a constant supply of feed in a flexible manner, 24/7. The fully automated process enables farmers to define and adjust their feeding strategy for different groups of animals resulting in improved animal health, improved feed efficiency and optimal milk production. Feed is stored in the feed kitchen and, depending upon the size, can be stored for three-days. A feed grabber moves over the kitchen to select the feed and load it onto the mixing and feeding robot.

A concentrates dispenser monitors feed quantities, which can be established and measured with the utmost accuracy. In addition, minor quantities of minerals and additives can be mixed with the concentrates. A user interface with touch screen is used to set up the feeding plan and feed kitchen. It is also possible to program rations and view a variety of reports.

The Vector knows exactly how much feed is at the feed gate and determines when and where feed is required. Because there is an ongoing supply of feed, it is not necessary to measure large doses, and therefore the feed at the feed fence is always fresh.

The Vector saves money, labor, time and energy. It uses less energy than many other feeding systems making it less expensive to operate. Test farms show significant labor savings when feeding two or more different rations.



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