MARGINSMART was developed due to the request from dairy producers to manage the extreme price risk related to their operations. MARGINSMART is a web-based projection tool developed specifically for the dairy industry. It allows each dairy producer to enter data specific to their operation (such as ingredients, rations, number of head, milk production, grown feed, futures and physical contracts, basis levels for major commodities and all income and operating expenses) and then calculates both Milk Margins and Net Income Profitability for up to 24 months. The program is tied into the CBOT and CME electronic markets so it updates market data and the corresponding Milk Margins and Net Income regularly throughout the day. The program allows users to set dynamic Price Targets based on Milk Margin, Net Income, or an individual commodity. Users will be alerted via text message when their targets are being met, as well as receiving daily updates on their operation’s projected Milk Margin and Net Income for the next 12 months. In summary, MARGINSMART is an easy to use tool that provides real-time information to dairy producers so they can make informed decisions about their financial future with a High Degree of Confidence because it uses their information!
MARGINSMART is offered in three different annual license levels; Basic, Premium, and Platinum. Each license includes an allocated amount of customer service hours along with access to up to 3 different users. MARGINSMART allows dairy producers to Take Control of their Financial Results!



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