Milk Max


Milk Max is a unique proprietary product of Homestead Nutrition, Inc. designed to improve quality and yield of corn silage. It consists of carefully selected ingredients including plant co-factors and micronutrients. Milk Max promotes improved plant digestibility (specifically corn silage), increased total digestible nutrients and digestible neutral detergent fiber. It also promotes root and plant development and reduced plant stress caused by disease, insect pressure and weather related stresses.

Farmers who want to improve their corn silage yield and quality should include Milk Max in their fertility program. Milk Max should be sprayed between V4 and V7 for ideal results, but it can be applied up to Vt. Milk Max is compatible with most herbicides, insecticides and fungicides.

Milk Max is backed by five years of trial data. The average yield increase over control is 4.5 tons of corn silage per acre at 65% moisture. The increase on milk per ton is 64 pounds, and the increase on milk per acre is 4,838 pounds; results given as a five year average. Milk Max does more than just increase yield, it improves the quality of forage. The five year average for 30 hour NDFd is 59.4 compared to 56.2 on the control.

Milk Max is priced very competitively. Milk Max increases the return on investment. The five year average return on investment for tons of corn silage per acre is $8.76 based on $45.00/ton and for milk per acre is $45.77 at a milk price of $18.00/cwt.



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