Quick Tip IV Simplex Adaptor

Quick Tip IV Simplex Adaptor - long
Quick Tip IV Simplex Adaptor - long

•The Quick Tip™ easily and efficiently transfers a Simplex from bottle to bottle for administering intravenous fluid when multiple bottles are used

•Affixes on the inside diameter of the Simplex funnel with the plastic tip protruding from the open end of the Simplex

•The protruding end of the Quick Tip™ is a tapered column that friction fits into any fluid filled serum bottle’s neck after the stopper and seal are removed

•By quickly disconnecting from an emptied Calcium Gluconate bottle or Electrolyte bottle to a desealed / decapped filled bottle, one can transfer the Simplex without friction fitting the Simplex funnel on the serum bottle overcoming the outside diameter of the bottle mouth

•Quick Tip™ is simple to use
1.Speeds up transfer from bottle to bottle
2.Reduces frustration by users
3.Adapts to any bottle size from 28mm to 33mm neck finish
4.Attaches to either rubber or plastic funnel of a Simplex assembly

•Designed and used by a dairy farmer

•Patent pending globally



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