SiloSolve OS


Combatting top layer spoilage, SiloSolve® OS combines two proven technologies to combat top layer spoilage in silage bunkers and piles. Top layer spoilage losses can represent 2-6% of total bunker silage dry matter and feeding moldy, spoiled feed to livestock can have production and health implications.

SiloSolve® OS combines robust live microorganisms to ferment silage with the unique, non-corrosive preservative compound sodium benzoate. Sodium benzoate’s antifungal (yeast and mold inhibition) properties are actually enhanced under the low pH conditions of well fermented silage.

SiloSolve®’s live microorganisms direct silage fermentation and rapidly reduce silage pH. When applied to the top layer, the preservative compound remains active over the life of the silage, inhibiting spoilage yeast and mold organisms right up to feedout resulting in better aerobic stability at feedout and less top layer heating.

In recent field trials, SiloSolve® OS reduced top layer yeast and mold counts to 1% or less than levels seen in untreated silage. SiloSolve® OS, combined with good silage management techniques, can significantly reduce top layer spoilage, conserving silage and reducing labor spent removing spoiled silage.

SiloSolve® OS is specified for use directly on the top layer. It comes as a two part dry product that rehydrates quickly and is sprayed over the silage surface before the silo is sealed.

The launch of SiloSolve® OS is a continuation of silage management tools offered by Chr. Hansen, SiloSolve® represents a collection of tools to help producers manage silage and forage preservation challenges, irrespective of crop types.



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