StressMate Concentrated Bioactives


StressMate™ is highly concentrated bioactives from maternal colostrum and gives calves a supplemental dose of the essential proteins and growth factors found in quality colostrum. Studies show these proteins and growth factors are responsible for triggering critical immune and neurological processes and stimulating the development of a calf's complex digestive system.

StressMate provides:
1. Bacteriostatic small proteins, such as Lactoferrin, that inhibit pathogen functionality
2. Growth factors to stimulate immune functions and cell growth
3. Signaling proteins control cytokines and modulate the natural defense system
4. Oligosaccharides help combat pathogens and fortify beneficial bacteria

Veterinarians and dairy calf producers observe dairy calves that receive StressMate along with their initial feeding of colostrum are more alert, more active and hungrier than calves that do not. StressMate calves are observed to start on calf grain earlier and be more resistant to stress factors in their environment, such as inclement weather, transportation and commingling.

The small proteins in StressMate begin to be absorbed by the calf as soon as they enter the mouth and work in support of vital immune, neurological and digestive processes. Once StressMate reaches the stomach, its proteins are small enough to be absorbed even after gut closure, giving calves with an uncertain colostrum history a second chance.



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