A unique and specially designed cutting instrument used to remove bandages on cattle hooves or any wrapped appendage. Wrapid‐Cut™ features a recessed cutting blade, enclosed within a guarded frame, allowing the user to slide the unit under a bandaged hoof and safely cut and remove the bandage. As upward or downward force is applied, the bandage is pushed into the guide and onto the cutting blade edge, which initiates cutting of the bandage without bunching. Wrapid‐Cut™ features a durable handle grip that is contoured for comfort and ease of use. The handle features a guard extending the length of the instrument providing separation of the user from the cutting edge of the unit. Wrapid‐Cut™ is manufactured of a durable plastic with the blade securely insert‐molded into the handle. In addition to bandage removal, Wrapid‐Cut™ has many other uses such as removal of matted fur on dogs and cats, routine package or bag opening, and any other application requiring safe and effective cutting.



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