Sweet Unique

Sweet Unique samples
Sweet Unique samples

Sweet Unique™ is a patented nutrient preserving technology (NPT) for pelleted feeds that has been developed by ADM Alliance Nutrition, Inc. (ANI).

This technology, also known as cold pelleting, enables higher inclusion rates of liquid ingredients, such as molasses to be used in the pelleting process. This unique manufacturing process allows ANI to manufacture pelleted feed that maintains aroma and palatability comparable to a texturized feed, while reducing the handling and storage difficulties associated with texturized feeds.

Research data and field response indicate that calves fed Sweet Unique™ cold pelleted calf starter will outperform texturized feed providing a true economic benefit lowering feed cost of gain and decreased total feed cost to bring calves to an equal weight. The Sweet Unique™ line provides a diverse array of product options all with a nutritional package promoting optimal calf performance and health including multiple protein sources, roughage NDF to help stimulate rumen development, select ingredients with consistent formulation, optimal vitamin and mineral fortification, selenium yeast and CitriStim®, an ADM proprietary and exclusive source of yeast mannans and beta glucans shown to lower pathogenic bacteria populations in the calf gut.



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