37+ Mycotoxin Analysis Program


Alltech’s 37+ program provides a tailored, species specific risk assessment of feedstuffs and their expected impact on animal performance based on the mycotoxins that are found during analysis.

Using an improved liquid chromatography/ mass spectrometry method, the 37+ program analyzes for multiple mycotoxins in a given feed sample and calculates the risk equivalent quantity (risk factor multiplied by the quantity of mycotoxin) for that particular feedstuff sample. It considers the sample as a whole, testing for multiple mycotoxins simultaneously and takes into account their synergistic and additive effects. In this way it more closely reflects commercial production.

The program also provides tailored recommendations and mitigation strategies through balanced nutrition, feed management and the inclusion of an integrated mycotoxin management program. Alltech’s mycotoxin management team provides a complete contamination report and recommendations for management and nutritional applications that can assist with minimizing the risks to animal health and producer profitability and the reduction of future instances of mycotoxin contamination.



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