The Nutrient Scorecard™


The Nutrient Scorecard™

Know the silage score
Know the digestion score

The difference between a dairy operation and a smarter dairy farm operation is often the ability to collect and analyze data - and act on insights. Chr. Hansen has the tools to help dairy producers get the most out of data analysis so they can improve starch and fiber digestion, minimize forage loss and increase sustainability and profitability at the same time.

We call it The Nutrient Scorecard™. The program gives producers a scientific scorecard summary of the status of their silage and herd’s nutritional performance, along with recommendations for improving milk production and herd digestion. With The Nutrient Scorecard™, producers will know the score.

The Nutrient Scorecard™ can identify specific problems. It gives producers the data and insights they need to make measurable improvements in operations. The report includes an analysis of these critical parameters •Silage energetics •Top layer contamination •Bunker density •VFA Fermentation analysis •Kernel processing score •Clostridia, mold and yeast contamination •Total tract nutrient digestibility •Silage stability

In addition to the Nutrient Scorecard report, producers can access an advanced yet easy-to-use feed efficiency calculator, showing the detailed benefits of better feed efficiency.

To this date, more than 250 US dairy producers have taken advantage of the program!



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