"SCR HealthyCow24® (HC24) is SCR’s latest addition to its product portfolio offering. The solution enables connecting SCR’s Heatime® users (cow monitoring systems) to a centralized cloud database and storage point. This allows major improvements in mobility, user efficiency, information sharing, real time predictive data to on-farm and off-farm management teams and consultants.
HC24 provides farmers who use the SCR cow monitoring systems with expanded capabilities and enables them to stay connected and more easily manage their farms from anywhere by using a mobile app or a web portal accessible via any computer or device. Users can view and edit farm data remotely and receive real-time notifications and reports.
In addition to the direct advantages for farmers, HC24 makes it possible for the service providers and consultants to have more data at their fingertips. The data collected by the SCR Heatime® tag technology can be made available to various supporting professionals, assisting them in pro-actively identifying individual as well as herd wide reproductive and health issues.
HC24 allows linking to national databases or other data sources such as third-party herd management software programs in order to improve the SCR Heatime® plug & play experience. This capability provides the farmer with a single access point both to enter data and to view farm and cow information. It also allows for best-in-class technical support and data security."



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