Omega Balancer App


The Omega Balancer web app ( is a mobile web app that helps dairy producers and nutrition professionals improve the performance of fatty acids in their dairy cow diets. In just three simple steps, you can enter your ration ingredients or the results from a TMR fatty acid profile analysis, see the omega-6 to omega-3 ratio of your current diet, and lastly model the impact of adding different ingredients.

With tremendous opportunities to improve dairy performance through fatty acid balancing, OmegaBalancer.Com a mobile, insightful and educational tool for innovative dairies looking to take their herd to the next level.

MOBILE: Works on all devices! Just type in your web browser.

INSIGHTFUL: Gain insights into the Omega-6 to Omega-3 ratios in your current diets and see what opportunities exist to enhance transition, reproduction & milk through improved balance of these essential nutrients.

EDUCATIONAL: See the impacts of biohydrogenation in the rumen on specific fatty acids as they move from intake (what is fed) to output (what is absorbed at the small intestine).



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