IVET calving and fever alert


New simple, easy and reliable calving alert system (Silver medal winner Eurotier 2012)

which also can be used as a fever alert system in the fresh cow monitoring management after calving. Alerts are realised as phone calls or text messages to mobile devices. Dead calf losses are a major issue to the whole dairy industry. Up to 20% losses can occur in some farms; the reasons are mainly due to dystocia and lacking of assistance.

A easy alert system can significantly save life of calves and informs farmers only when their presence is needed. The sytem works with photo- and temperature bio-sensors that allows a very high accuracy. The transponders are inserted intravaginally and can serve each for 20 calving alerts. They are extremely well tolerated without any inflammation of the vaginal mucosals.

After calving the desinfected transponder can be inserted again for an early fever alert. So it helps saving a lot of efforts for a effective fresh cow monitoring programm (newest IVET 3.0 version, available at WDE).

Ongoing research and studies at the University of Munich and University of Alberta in CAN show already a high accuracy and a very high convenience rate among farmers. STudies will be finished and published later this year.



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