AfiMilk MCS


AfiMilk MCS is a Real-Time Milk Classification Service. A breakthrough solution for enhancing milk value and significantly improving cheese production and yields. AfiMilk MCS facilitates milk supply chain optimization, provides higher value to milk processors and allows premium prices to farmers.

Advantages as follows:

  • Up to 15% more cheese from the same milk volume
  • Cheese yield improvement is mostly achieved by significantly higher protein efficiency
  • Milk is classified in real time during milking and diverted to two different tanks according to its coagulation potential, one with milk optimized for cheese production and the other with quality milk for other dairy products
  • Based on Afimilk's patented on-line optical analysis and milk channeling technologies, installed in dairy farm’s milking parlors.Value & Benefits
  • Tremendous increase in cheese-vat production yields (up to 15%), with higher protein efficiency (up to 11%)
  • Shorter clotting time (20%)
  • Enhanced use of equipment (CAPEX savings)
  • Reduced energy consumption, labor, and other variable production costs
  • Reduced amount of whey to recycle or dispose of
  • Longer milk pre-processing storage time (up to 72 hours in some cases)
  • Fewer cows required to produce the same amount of cheese at the dairy for reduced daily feed consumption, quantified environmental impact, and reduced amounts of water and detergent.

AfiMilk MCS – The Milk Value Enhancer



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