Tri-Purify is a great new product that benefits all agriculture livestock producers. Accelerated Genetics, a farmer-owned cooperative, has seen outstanding results in calves and would recommend this product for all those livestock producers faced with the challenges of scours. This product has been on the market since December 2013, and those producers that have tried this product back and order more. Producer's want this product on their shelf ready to utilize when they have new calves.
Accelerated Genetics is focused on the products that we provide and the people that serve in our industry. Our vision is to be the producer's trusted first choice and Tri-Purify is an example of the great products we have to offer that help back up this vision.

Protect her well with Tri-Purify!

Research shows scours account for 50-75% of deaths in calves less than three weeks of age. Tri-Purify uses pure, natural essential oils, live (viable) naturally-occurring microorganisms along with fermentation metabolites, hydrolyzed yeast and yeast extracts all designed to enhance intestinal microflora. Research has shown a reduction of scours and severity of the scours when using the components of Tri-Purify. Plus, Tri-Purify comes in an easy-to-administer bolus.



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